Chuck and Barry Get New Collars…With Bows!

Some moms look forward to bonding with their children, some look forward to bringing bright and forthright additions to this planet, others just have a natural maternal instinct…but I, and maybe other moms, have always looked forward to having cats that I could dress up, photograph, and post on the Internet for Instagram likes and followers.

Okay, I’m kidding. It’s no secret that Chuck and Barry are the lights of my life for more than just the couture they can wear (although, to be fair, when I was a little girl, I did have a passion for dressing up kitties in costumes, such as when I, around the age of seven, traumatized our new kitten, May, by dressing her up babydoll clothes).

However, after seeing so many cute kitties with bowties on catstagram and the rest of the Internet, the part of me that loves dressing up got excited at the idea of giving Chuck and Barry a little pizzazz. Their old collars had gotten raggedy and dirty, so I figured it was time to try something new out.

Because I have an Amazon Prime membership and Amazon Prime has almost anything you need to buy, I decided to check there first for collars with bows or bowties. I found a set of two breakaway collars with bows and bells on them. The sets came in blue and black or red and pink. The part of me raised in the American society that likes to neatly divide up gender into two boxes, boy and girl, man and woman, blue and pink, masculine and feminine, told me that I should get the blue and black set because Chuck and Barry are boys, so they can’t wear pink, but then I thought, do I really have to raise my children in these rigid gender roles (I’d say NO)? And also, they’re cats, so why am I even hesitating on this anyway? I already knew Barry would look dashing in red and Chuckie woulimg_2973.jpgd be adorable in pink, so I went with the pink and red set.

The first thing I did when the new collars came in the mail was take off the bells because the last thing I need to hear is every movement that Chuck and Barry make at every moment of every day.

Then I snapped them on.

And dang, did they look absolutely adorable!

But Chuck and Barry were not happy with the new collars at first, specifically because of thimg_2880.jpge bows. After a day or so, they managed to adjust to them and didn’t seem to give them any mind, but I continued to feel a little nervous about them. Were the bows too uncomfortable? Were they too heavy for their fragile little kitty necks and backs? Did they annoy them, restrict their movements, cause muscle pain? Would they develop arthritis, become deformed, fall and hurt themselves, get cancer, all because of these collars?

After a friend criticized me for having the collars on the kitties a few days ago, I felt too guilty and took them off. I really want to keep a collar on Chuck and Barry in case they get outside, but I’ve been stalling as I figure out what to do with the collars with bows, so recently, Chuck and Barry have been naked.

img_3050-e1493093039738.jpgOn one hand, I can’t find any literature online that states that collars with bows are particularly bothersome or a problem to cats. I even asked my vet tech stepsister and she said she didn’t see why they’d be a problem. The collars also didn’t seem to bother them or greatly affect their day-to-day activities of napping, eating, and roughhousing, either.


But part of me – the ever-nervous, ever-worried, overly anxious, helicopter cat mom part of me – can’t help but think that it’s better to keep the collars with bows off the cats just in case. I have to get collars back on the cats so they have their name tags and my phone number in case they go missing, but can I sacrifice some cuteness for their current health and happiness? Should I head back to PetSmart and get some new regular collars?

Does anybody have any insights into putting collars with bows/heavier collars on kitties? Good/bad/personal/medical knowledge they could share? Please comment below! In the mean time, check out Chuck and Barry’s catstagram to see more pictures with the bow collars!


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