The Top 10 Best Barry Bleps

Barry bleps. A lot. I’m always catching him in the act of it – I notice him sleeping, pink tongue sticking straight out of his mouth, and he’s completely unaware of it. I pat him lightly on the head and he wakes up – confused, he looks at me, the tongue still flopped out of his mouth, unaware that it’s happening. Sometimes I leave him in his ignorance, and sometimes I poke it, just for fun, then he licks his lips and stashes his tongue back where it belongs.

I’ve documented many, many Barry bleps. There’s nothing quite like his bleps that can get me creeping across a room, careful not to make a sound and disturb him, preparing my camera to sneakily snap a few pictures from every angle.

So I’ve decided to rank the top ten Barry bleps, from least-amazing-yet-amazing-blep to the Number One Blep.

10. Mini-blep


Nothing too extreme – this mini-blep is definitely a blep, but a subtle one at that.

9. The First Documented Blep


There’s nothing quite like finding out that your cat is a blepper and realizing that you get to experience in-person bleps for the rest of your life. Plus, a kitten blepping might be the most precious thing I’ve ever seen.

8. Playing Dead Blep


Okay, maybe he’s just sleeping and not doing a trick, but check out that leg positioning, check out that chunky-looking blep. This picture is slightly unsettling and extremely adorable.

7. Cherub Mini-Blep


Barry’s chubby and innocent-looking face in this photo reminds me of a cherub. Do you think cherubs blep? Or is Barry a trail-blazer?

6. Bird-watching Blep


What’s better than staring at birds with your tongue hanging out of your mouth??? Barry would argue, “nothing!”

5. The Birthday Blep 


The birthday was mine, and as a birthday present, Barry decided to grace me with one of the most intense bleps I’ve ever seen! This blep is full-tongue awesomeness.

4. Shocked Blep

What’s better than a cat looking super surprised? A cat looking super surprised with a super-blep on his face!

3. Sleeping Super-Blep


This blep – with Barry sleeping and looking like a pure angel – is the most serene thing I’ve ever seen.

2. Hungover Blep


So, obviously Barry doesn’t drink because he is a cat, but if you’re familiar with hangovers, then you know that this photo of Barry encapsulates the feeling perfectly.

1. The Angry Blep

This is the all-time best blep that Barry has ever done: that devilish glare, that silly tongue hanging out of his mouth. Am I supposed to be taking his anger seriously? Am I supposed to be laughing at that tongue? The mysteriousness and weirdness of this blep is why it has been awarded the title of Number One Blep.

Honorable Mention: Chuckie’s Mini-Mini-Blep 


Chuckie never bleps, so I only have this one photo. I figured it deserved an honorable mention – although the smallest of bleps, it’s still a special blep in it’s own right.

So those are the best of the bleps! Comment and let me know if you think I have the right ranking, and show me picks of your own kitty’s bleps!


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