Chuck and Barry’s Ranking of the Top 7 Things in the World (Plus Two Bonus Honorable Mentions)

Have you ever wondered what the actual best things in the world are? Thankfully, Chuck and Barry have taken the time to figure it out, and I’ve compiled it all here in this list. Starting with the honorable mentions and ending with what they believe is the #1 best thing, this list will show how two cats view the world.

Chuck’s Honorable Mention – Books

One of Chuck’s favorite hobbies is reading (as we’ve seen in his previous book review post). Even though Barry is not much of an intellectual, Chuck definitely is, and insisted that books make it onto the list of top things in the world. Therefore, the honorable mention category was created and “books” was Chuck’s choice.

(But in reality, Chuckie is a cat, which unfortunately makes him illiterate. However, he does have a tendency to lay on top of books, especially when I’m trying to read them, which leads me to truly believe that he loves them, even if he cannot enjoy them the way that man intended).

Barry’s Honorable Mention – Sports

Unlike his literary and intellectual counterpart, Barry is totally sporty (don’t let his extra layer of chub fool you). Barry’s first crafted his athletic talents at Grandma’s house, where he learned to chase after a tinfoil ball that she would throw for him.

Now, he’s constantly begging to play ball. In a frequent mother-son bonding experience that features a little bit cardio, I throw a ball from one end of the house, he chases it, then I go grab it and throw it back to the other end, and repeat. Chuck, for his part, usually sits and observes.

7. Mom (me)


Maybe this is self-serving and narcissistic, and maybe I just want to brag about the bond I perceive to have with my cats, but I think I’m one of their favorite things in the world. Why else would they sleep in my room every night? Or follow me around? Beg for cuddles and pats? Show me more attention and act more comfortable around me than anybody else that they meet? Even when they aren’t hungry? I can only come to the conclusion that I’m their favorite human and they love me.

6. Water

I don’t know if this is abnormal or not, but Chuck and Barry are super enthusiastic about water. Whenever I fill up their water bowl, their eyes light up and they follow me from the sink until I put it down. However, It’s possible that they’re confused and think that I’m getting them food (which will be discussed later).

Either way, they’re always slurping on water (they look like little frogs!) and I have to refill the water bowls multiple times a day. I’m just happy they’re staying hydrated!

5. Plastic

This might be a little bit more eclectic than the other things ranked in this post, but Chuck and Barry really love to chew on plastic (especially Barry). I can’t tell you how many times I wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of a cat chomping on a plastic bag that I forgot was in my room or a food wrapper that they dragged in from God-knows-where. It’s in those moments that I get brief glimpse into what it must be like to be a parent to toddlers – the whole universe is a choking hazard, and turn your back for just one moment and you never know what the kid is going to eat.

Thankfully, I don’t think that Chuck or Barry has actually swallowed any plastic yet (or at least not enough to become sick). But because this is one love that might kill them, I have to ensure that any plastic is kept out of their reach.

4. Treats

When I first brought home Chuck and Barry, they weren’t interested in treats at all – something which confused me quite a bit. However, now that they’ve matured, they’ve developed a palate for treats. I can get them running from across the house with just the sound of the treat bag rustling, which is super convenient when I need to get them out of a specific room or corral them into a cat carrier.

3. Pats


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Chuck and Barry, like many other cats, are super excited about receiving pats. I mean, who doesn’t love massages?

2. Birds

I’m not quite sure if Chuck and Barry love birds or just fantasize about eating them, but their daytimes hangouts are the bedrooms windowsills where they can watch the birds out on the telephone wires and trees. They can spend practically all day sitting there and watching. Chuck is particularly enamored by the birds and likes to try to talk to them (or deploy his hunting call, whatever it is…).

Unfortunately, the birds don’t return the interest.

1. Food 

In my last blog post, I determined that my cats don’t love me only because I feed them. However, it’s true that my cats’ lives revolve around food. They wake me up in the morning for breakfast, pester me when it’s time for their dinner, become cranky when it’s time for their midnight snack. And don’t even get me started on how they act when I’m cracking open the wet food can.

I have a conspiracy theory that there’s some kind of heavily addictive substance that pet food companies put in wet food – what else could explain how crazy my cats become, screaming and following me from counter to trash can to cabinet, whenever I enter the kitchen?

Not going to lie, I completely understand them – I’m totally obsessed with food as well. So, maybe it’s a collective family decision to rank food as the number one thing in the world.

And that’s it – nine things that Chuck and Barry absolutely adore. Who knew cats could be so relatable (and also so weird)?




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