About the Cats


Chuck and Barry are brothers from the same litter, currently about a year and a half. They get along really well, and spend the days meowing in the kitchen to try and convince me to feed them or running up and down the stairs.

They don’t like to be picked up, but they’ll follow you around until you pet them. I’m often woken up in the middle of the night to two kittens barreling onto my bed and crying until I give them attention.

They’re very vocal kitties — they meow when they want to be petted, they meow when they’re enjoying being petted, they meow when their food bowl is empty, they meimg_0345ow when they see flies and are ready to hunt, they meow when they get lost from each other in the house. They meow all the time for everything. And, sometimes, I think they meow for no reason at all.

They like food. It’s impossible to eat with two hands in the household – you have to keep swatting them away as they attempt over and over to get a bite of your food.

Barry and Chuck are indoor cats, so they wear collars with their names, my number, and “indoor cat” written on them.

They love to watch birds, sleep, and be cute.


img_0319Chuck img_0381has the white mittens. He’s a total mama’s boy – although he isn’t necessarily skittish, I am the only one he allows to pet his tummy. He likes to wake me up by meowing in my face every night. He’s also been diagnosed with FLUTD after a urethral blockage and now has a prescription diet to prevent further blockages. He loves chirping at birds. 



Barry is more independent and he’s the friendliest kitty to everybody. Seriously – anybody who walks in that door will get loved up by Barry, and he’ll often go to sleep next to anybody who is on the couch. He sleeps between my legs or even on top of me at night, and we spoon in the mornings. He loves playing fetch! Also, he’s always got his tongue sticking out in a blep.