I’m Sarah. I’m a fourth year English major at Drexel University, living in a house in West Philadelphia. Along with my two cats, there are three other humans residing in the house.

I’ve had cats my whole life and they’ve always been my favorite little furry things (sorry dog lovers!). Going away to college and living in dorms and college apartments, I was never able to have any pets, so once I had the chance to move off campus, I found a place that accepted pets and went with it.

Soon after moving in, I brought Barry and Chuck into my home when they were about three months old. It’s my first time raising cats without the help of my mother (the ultimate Cat Lady), and it’s already been a tough ride. At the end of the day, it was all worth it though: waking up to the meowing of my little babies because they want my attention is the most heart-warming thing!

Along with raising kitties, I enjoy eating, going out, reading, and writing. I work as a writing tutor at the Drexel Writing Center and am part of several Drexel organizations (although I’m busy, my cats are my first priority!)

I’m not sure what career I want in the future, but I’m looking into writing/publishing/communications/marketing/more. One goal I have is to become a foster mom to cats once I’m in a more stable part of my life.